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H‑CoNiSe2/NC dodecahedral hollow structures for high‑performance supercapacitors

P. Salehan, AliA. Ensafi, Z.Andikaey, B. Rezaei

Scientifc Reports | (2023) 13:2070,

The synergistic efect between metal ions and increasing the surface area leads to the fabrication of supercapacitor materials with high capacities. It is predicted that transition metal selenide compounds will be ideal electrode materials for supercapacitors. However, the defects of poor conductivity and volume expansion of the compounds are fundamental problems that must be solved. In this work, we successfully synthesized the cobalt–nickel selenide nitrogen-doped carbon (H-CoNiSe2/NC) hollow polyhedral composite structure using ZIF-67 as a precursor. The CoSe2 and NiSe2 nanoparticles embedded in the NC polyhedral framework ofer a wealth of active sites for the whole electrode. Moreover, the presence of the NC structure in the proposed composite can simultaneously lead to improved conductivity and reduce the volume efect created during the cycling procedure. The H-CoNiSe2/NC electrode provides high specifc capacity (1131 C/g at 1.0A/g) and outstanding cyclic stability (90.2% retention after 6000 cycles). In addition, the H-CoNiSe2/NC//AC hybrid supercapacitor delivers ultrahigh energy density and power density (81.9Wh/kg at 900 W/kg) and excellent cyclic stability (92.1% of the initial capacitance after 6000 cycles). This study will provide a supercapacitor electrode material with a high specifc capacity for energy storage devices.

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H‑CoNiSe2/NC dodecahedral hollow structures for high‑performance supercapacitors | Prof. Ali A. Ensafi


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