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Synthesis of engineered graphene nanocomposites coated with NiCo metal-organic frameworks as electrodes for high-quality supercapacitor

Zahra Andikaey, Ali A. Ensafi, Behzad Rezaei

ScienceDirect,Volume 45, Issue 5613 November 2020, Pages 32059-32071,

abstract: Metal-organic frameworks (MOF) are a novel generation of promising electrodes for supercapacitors. The synthesis of glucose modified, high-quality graphene (HQG) as a platform for the nucleation and growth of bimetallic MOF nanosheets (NiCo-MOF) is reported. The eCOOH and eOH groups formed on the surface, thus enhance the interaction between the HQG and NiCo-MOF. This heterostructure is used as an electrode in the preparation of asymmetric supercapacitors with a capacity of 244 F/g and an energy density of 76.3 W h/g. The nanocomposite also exhibits a high specific capacitance of 4077.3 F/g at a current density of 2.5 A/g. Therefore, new approaches have been introduced for the fabrication of efficient supercapacitors, and a step forward has been taken for the development of other electrical applications, including batteries, fuel cells, catalysts, and types of sensors.


Keywords: Graphene Glucose NiCo-MOF Surface engineering Supercapacitors

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