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Pt-modified nitrogen doped reduced graphene oxide, a powerful electrocatalyst for direct reduction of carbon dioxide to methanol

Ali A. Ensafi*, Hossein A. Alinajafi, B. Rezaei

Reduction of CO2 to useful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, oxalic acid, and methanol has recently attracted considerable attention because of its role in climate change and energy cycle. Here, Pt@nitrogen doped reduced graphene oxide (Pt@rNGO) is introduced as a new effective catalyst for direct production of methanol from the reduction of CO2. The reduction of CO2 was carried out at various potentials and pHs. The optimum conditions for the electrolysis reduction of CO2 in a CO2 saturated solution at the Pt@rNGO modified glassy carbon electrode were as: applied potential of ‒0.30 V (vs. Ag/AgCl) and pH of 2.0. The produced methanol was monitored by 13C-NMR. The Faradic efficiency of the methanol production was 41%. The results revealed that Pt@rNGO, as a heterogeneous electrocatalyst, leads to a decrease in the applied reduction potential and the direct pathway for carbon dioxide to methanol, compared to previous studies.

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