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Administrative Position:


  1. Member of “European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences,”
  2. 2011-present, Editors Board, Scientia Iranica,
  1. 2010-present, Editorial Board, International Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering Research,
  1. 2010-present, Editorial Board, The International Journal of Agriculture Food Science & Technology,
  2. 2011-present, Editorial Board, International Journal of Molecular Genetics,
  3. 2011-present, Editorial Board, International Journal of Horticulture and Crop Science Research,
  4. 2011-present, Editorial Board, Global Journal of Applied Agricultural Research (GJAAR),


  1. 2012-present, Associate Editor, Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society;
  2. 2014-present, Editorial Board, International Journal of BioAnalytical Methods & BioEquivalence Studies (IJBMBS),
  3. 2015-present, Member, International Association of Materials to Global Excellence,
  4. 2017-present, Editorial Board, SF Journal of Nanochemistry and Nanotechnology, USA;
  5. 2017-present, Editorial Advisory Board Member, Current Clinical Pharmacology,
  6. 2018-present, Editorial Board, United Journal of Agricultural Science and Research, United Prime publication,
  7. 2020-present: Associate Editor, Frontiers in Sensors, Frontiers Media SA, Avenue du Tribunal Fédéral 34, 1005 Lausanne, Switzerland,
  8. 2020-present: Editor, J. of Biomedical Researches & Environmental Sciences,
  9. 2021-present, Editorial Board, Biosensors Bioelectronics: X, Elsevier.
  10. Since 2022, Editorial Advisory Board, Current Reviews in Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology,

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی

Administrative Position: | Prof. Ali A. Ensafi


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تحت نظارت وف ایرانی