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Development of an electrochemical biosensor for impedimetric detection of tetracycline in milk

Ayat Mohammad-Razdari, Mahdi Ghasemi-Varnamkhasti, Sajad Rostami, Zahra Izadi, Ali A. Ensafi, Maryam Siadat, ournal of Food Science and Technology volume 57, pages 4697–4706 (2020),

Abstract This study dealt with the fabrication of an impedimetric biosensor based on nanomaterial modified with pencil graphite electrode for the detection of tetracycline (TET) in milk samples. For response of the impedimetric aptasensor to be improved, the influence of different parameters (immobilization time of reduced grapheme oxide, time of aptamer, and TET binding, and concentration of aptamer) was optimized. In optimum conditions, the aptasensor provided a concentration range within 1 9 10–16 - 1 9 10–6 M and with a limit of detection of 3 9 10–17 M TET. The proposed impedimetric aptasensor was then used in milk samples analysis, and the acceptable recovery was achieved ranging from 92.8 to 102.1%. According to this study, the combination of an aptamer and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is a promising method for detection of TET in milk samples with high reproducibility and stability.


Keywords Aptasensor  Antibiotics detection  Nanocomposite  Electrochemical impedanc

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