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Development of a Nano Plastic Antibody for Determination of Propranolol Using CdTe Quantum Dots as a Support

Ali A. Ensafi, Nafiseh Kazemifard, Behzad Rezaei

tIn this work, a nano plastic antibody has been developed for the determination of an important drug,propranolol. For this purpose, water-soluble thioglycolic acid stabilized CdTe QDs (TGA-stabilized CdTeQDs), as a support for the plastic antibody, was synthesis via a refluxing method. Following, reverse microemulsion technique was applied to stabilize a thin silica shell on the surface of the QDs. In the next step,molecularly imprinted polymer embedded CdTe QDs were obtained using 3-aminopropyl triethoxysilane(as a monomer) and tetraethoxysilane (as a crosslinker) in the present of propranolol. Finally, the obtainednano plastic antibody was used for propranolol sensing. At the optimized conditions, a linear dynamicrange was obtained from 3.0 to 139 mol L−1propranolol with a detection limit as 0.7 mol L−1. Theprecision of the method for 30.0 and 70.0 mol L−1propranolol was obtained as 6.5% and 4.8% (3 replicatedetections), respectively. The proposed method is simple, selective, and cost-efficient for propranololmeasurement.

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