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Facile synthesis of ­NiTe2‑Co2Te2@ rGO nanocomposite for high‑performance hybrid supercapacitor

Maziar Farshadnia, AliA. Ensafi,  Kimia Zarean Mousaabadi, Behzad Rezaei, Muslum Demir

cientifc Reports | (2023) 13:1364,

The design of bimetallic tellurides that exhibit excellent electrochemical properties remains a huge challenge for high-performance supercapacitors. In the present study, tellurium is consolidated on CoNi2@rGO for the frst time, to synthesize NiTe2-Co2Te2@rGO nanocomposite by using a facile hydrothermal method. As-prepared NiTe2-Co2Te2@rGO nanocomposite was characterized by EDS, TEM, FESEM, Raman, BET, XRD, and XPS techniques to prove the structural transformation. Upon the electrochemical characterization, NiTe2-Co2Te2@rGO has notably presented numerous active sites and enhanced contact sites with the electrolyte solution during the faradic reaction. The as-prepared nanocomposite reveals a specifc capacity of 223.6 mAh ­g−1 in 1.0 M KOH at 1.0 A g-1 . Besides, it could retain 89.3% stability after 3000 consecutive galvanostatic charge–discharge cycles at 1.0A ­g−1 current density. The hybrid supercapacitor, fabricated by activated carbon as an anode site, and NiTe2-Co2Te2@rGO as a cathode site, presents a potential window of 1.60V with an energy density of 51Wh ­kg−1 and a power density of 800W ­kg−1; this electrode is capable of lighting up two red LED lamps and a yellow LED lamp for 20 min, which is connected in parallel. The present work opens new avenues to design and fabrication of nanocomposite electrode materials in the feld of supercapacitors.

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Facile synthesis of ­NiTe2‑Co2Te2@ rGO nanocomposite for high‑performance hybrid supercapacitor | Prof. Ali A. Ensafi


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