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Facile Synthesis of Pt-Pd@Silicon Nanostructure as an Advanced Electrocatalyst for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells, Ali A. Ensafi, Mehdi Jafari-Asl, Mehdi Mokhtari, B. Rezaei, J. Power Sources, 2015, 282, 452-461.

In this work, platinumepalladium (PtePd) is assembled in-situ on the surface of porous silicon flour
(PSiF) through chemical reduction of PtCl6 2/PdCl4 2 and oxidation of the precursor solution SiF6
4. The components and the morphological properties of the PtePd on PSiF is investigated by means of transmission
electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy,
and X-ray diffraction techniques. In the next stage, screen printed graphene electrode (SPGE) is prepared
by electro-reduction of exfoliated graphene oxide at the surface of a screen printed carbon electrode
(SPCE), which is subsequently characterized by FTeIR, Raman spectroscopy, FE-SEM, and electrochemical
methods. Finally, a combination of PtePd@PSi nanostructure and SPGE is used for the electro-oxidation
of methanol in direct methanol fuel cell. The electrochemical results demonstrate that the PtePd@PSiF
eSPGE exhibits an excellent electrocatalytic activity for methanol oxidation. In addition, the electron
transfer kinetic of methanol oxidation on PtePd@PSiFeSPGE is investigated by electrochemical impedance
spectroscopy. The results showed that the surface of PtePd@PSiFeSPGE is not affected (poisoned)
by intermediate products such as CO.

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