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FLOW-Injection Determination of Traces of Sulfide by the Brilliant Green-Sulfide Reaction with Spectrophotometry Detection

Authors: Ali A Ensafi
Publication date: 1992/8/1
Journal name: Analytical letters
Volume: 25
Pages: 1525-1543
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
Abstract A flow injection system is proposed for the rapid and sensitive determination of
trace amounts of sulfide based on the addition reaction of sulfide with Brilliant Green at pH 7
and 25 C°. The effect of important parameters, such as reagent concentration, pH, reagent
flow rate, sample volume, temperature and length of the reaction coil are reported. Sulfide in
the range of 40-2000 ng· ml− 1 can be determined at a rate of 40±5 samples per hour. The
limit of detection was obtained as 2.0 ng of sulfide. The relative standard deviation for the ...


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