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Metal-organic frameworks for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications

Tooba Rezaee , Reihaneh Fazel-Zarandi, Afsaneh Karimi, Ali A. Ensafi

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Volume 22130 November 2022, 115026,


Metal-organic framework (MOF) materials provide unprecedented opportunities for evaluating valuable compounds for various medical applications. MOFs merged with biomolecules, used as novel biomaterials, have become particularly useful in biological environments. Bio-MOFs can be promising materials in the global to avoid utilization above toxicological substances. Bio-MOFs with crystallin and porosity nature offer flexible structure via bio-linker and metal node variation, which improves their wide applicability in medical science.


Keywords: Bio-MOFs Biological environment Bio-linker Surface modification Biosensor Point-of-the-care

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Metal-organic frameworks for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications | Prof. Ali A. Ensafi


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