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Nickel nanoparticles supported on porous silicon flour, Application as a non-enzymatic electrochemical glucose sensor

 Ali A. Ensafi, Najmah Ahmadi, Behzad Rezaei

Here, a non-enzymatic amperometric sensor is fabricated for glucose detection based on nickel nanoparticles supported on porous silicon flour. A facile procedure was introduced for the in-situ electroless assembling of nickel nanoparticles on porous silicon (PS) flour without using any reducing agent. Briefly, Ni@PS nanocomposite was prepared through the chemical reduction of Ni2+ ions and oxidation of the surface of Si atoms in ammonium fluoride solution. The formation of the Ni@PS nanocomposite was confirmed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction spectroscopy (XRD), energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and FT-IR spectroscopy as well as cyclic voltammetry (CV). The synthesized nanocomposite was employed as an electrode material for non-enzymatic glucose (Gl) sensing using carbon paste electrode (CPE). The prepared amperometric sensor exhibited a wide linear range of 2.0 – 5000 µmol L–1 with a low limit of detection (0.2 µmol L–1) as well as high stability and fast response time (< 3 s). Also, no significant interference was observed from potentially interference species such as dopamine, ascorbic acid, uric acid and Cl ions. The excellent applicability of the proposed sensor for determination of Gl in human blood serum with good accuracy and reproducibility made Ni@PS nanocomposite promising for the development of effective electrochemical non-enzymatic Gl sensor.




Keywords: Nickel nanoparticles; Porous silicon; Glucose; Non-enzymatic sensor

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