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Highly sensitive spectrophotometric reaction rate method for the determination of selenium based on the catalytic reduction of sulfonazo by sulfide

Authors: Ali A Ensafi, M Saberi Lemraski
Publication date: 2004/12/27
Journal name: Analytical letters
Volume: 37
Pages: 2469-2483
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
Abstract A sensitive and rapid kinetic spectrophotometric method was developed for the
determination of ultratrace amounts of selenium [Se (VI), Se (IV), and total selenium]. The
method is based on the catalytic effect of Se (IV) on the reduction of sulfonazo by sodium
sulfide. The reaction was followed spectrophotometrically by measuring the decrease in
absorbance at 570 nm for the reaction mixture or by measuring the increase in absorbance
of the reaction mixture at 680 nm and at 25° C, by the fixed‐time method. Selenium could ...
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