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On-line solid phase selective separation and preconcentration of Cd (II) by solid-phase extraction using carbon active modified with methyl thymol blue

Authors: Ali A Ensafi, Ali R Ghaderi
Publication date: 2007/9/5
Journal name: Journal of hazardous materials
Volume: 148
Pages: 319-325
Publisher: Elsevier
An on-line flow system was used to develop a selective and efficient on-line sorbent
extraction preconcentration system for cadmium. The method is based on adsorption of
cadmium ions onto the activated carbon modified with methyl thymol blue. Then the
adsorbed ions were washed using 0.5 M HNO3 and the eluent was used to determine the
Cd (II) ions using flame atomic absorption spectrometry. The results obtained show that the
modified activated carbon has the greatest adsorption capacity of 80μg of Cd (II) per 1.0 g ...

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