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Flow injection spectrofluorimetric determination of cystine and cysteine

Authors: Ali A Ensafi, B Rezaei, S Nouroozi
Publication date: 2009
Journal name: J. Braz. Chem. Soc
Volume: 20
Pages: 288-293
A relatively simple and sensitive procedure with spectrofluorimetric detection was developed
for the determination of cystine and cysteine by flow injection system with sequential
determination. This method is based on the reduction of Tl (III) with cysteine in acidic media,
producing a fluorescence reagent, TlCl3 2-(λex= 227 nm, λem= 419 nm). Before injection,
the sample solution was divided into two streams. The first stream was treated with Cd
reduction column and then joined with the carrier to react with Tl (III) at pH 5.0 and then ...

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