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A Novel Optical Chemical Sensor to Determine Samarium Ions in Aqueous Solutions

Authors: Masoud Fouladgar, Ali A Ensafi
Publication date: 2009/12
Journal name : Sensor Letters
Volume: 7
Pages: 1135-1140
Publisher: American Scientific Publishers
Abstract: A novel, fast and sensitive optical chemical sensor has been prepared for the
determination of samarium (III) in aqueous solutions using 4-(5-bromo-2-pyridylazo)-N, N-
diethyl-3-hydroxyanilin (Br-PADAP) as an ionophore in the plasticized PVC membrane. The
complex formation between Sm (III) and Br-PADAP caused a new peak in the absorption
spectra at 525 nm. The prepared optode had a linear dynamic range for 2.6× 10− 6 to 2.6×
10− 4 mol L− 1 samarium (III) concentration. The lower and upper detection limits of the ...

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