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Fast and sensitive determination of captopril by voltammetric method using ferrocenedicarboxylic acid modified carbon paste electrode

Authors: H Karimi-Maleh, AA Ensafi, AR Allafchian
Publication date: 2010/1/1
Journal name: Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry
Volume: 14
Pages: 9-15
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Abstract A ferrocenedicarboxylic acid modified carbon paste electrode was constructed and
used as a fast and sensitive tool for the determination of captopril at trace level. It has been
shown by direct current cyclic voltammetry and double step chronoamperometry that
ferrocenedicarboxylic acid can catalyze the oxidation of captopril in aqueous buffer solution
and produces a sharp oxidation peak current at about+ 0.49 vs. Ag/AgCl reference
electrode. The square wave voltammetric peak currents of the electrode increased linearly ...

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