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A simple optical sensor for cadmium ions assay in water samples using spectrophotometry

Authors: Ali A Ensafi, Zahra Nasr Isfahani
Publication date: 2011/2/1
Journal name: Journal of Analytical Chemistry
Volume: 66
Publisher: SP MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica
Abstract A new simple and inexpensive optical chemical sensor for cadmium (II) ions is
presented. The cadmium sensing system was prepared by incorporating 2-amino-
cyclopentene-1-dithiocarboxylic acid (ACDA) on a triacetylcellulose membrane. The
absorption spectra of the optical sensor membrane in Cd (II) solution showed a maximum
peak at 430 nm. The proportionality in intensity of the membrane color on the optode to
varying amounts of Cd (II) suggests its potential applications for screening Cd (II) in ...

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