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The Roles of Alkyl Branches of Ionic Liquid in the Corrosion Resistance of Pb/Sb/Sn Grids Alloy in Lead-Acid Battery

Authors: Behzad Rezaei, Ali Asghar Ensafi, Ahmad Reza Taghipour Jahromi
Publication date: 2011/7/21
Journal name: International Journal of Electrochemistry
Volume: 2011
Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
This paper describes the effects of ionic liquids (ILs) including mono, bicyclohexyl, and
tetrahexyl ammonium hydrogen sulphate on the corrosion behaviour of Pb/Sb/Sn grids alloy
of lead-acid battery with Pb, Sb (1.66 wt%), and Sn (0.24 wt%). Electrochemical behaviour
has been investigated using Tafel plots and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy with
various concentrations of ILs as electrolyte additives in 4.0 mol· L− 1 sulphuric acid. The
obtained results indicated that, by increasing number of alkyl or cycloalkyl branches in ILs, ...

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